Cheesewreck Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I need to find more of this stuff! I'm definitely wrecked right now as cheesy as that sounds. Super connected and energetically wavy. Love the sativa, great strain for social situations with great friends.”

  • “Tried 3 times, even mixed with CBD (which usually calms my anxiety), but still was a nervous wreck. It's not a bad strain by any means. It's just not for my body.”

  • “Fast acting, easy to light, it doesn't smell or taste horrible, and it provides an easy and pleasant high.”

  • “very relaxed weed, and steady high to do things.smells like cheese too”

  • “Love the strong pungent smell of cheese. Some real good med. great high and the exhale is smooth. A must try!”

  • “Tried this for the first time tonight and was very happy with it. Medium density, sticky buds with a strong, very dank smell. A bit of a creeping up high for me but very relaxing and calming. The tail end of the high really helped with my insomnia. Negatives: It did give me dry mouth worse than some other hybrids but other than that no negative effects for me.”

  • “Looks Good, smokes Great! Good for no sleep nights or simply needing to relax on the couch. Smooth flavor.”

  • “Smell is amazing. Buds look great. Unfortunately, this one made me anxious and paranoid. Next time, I will mix it with 30% Sour Tsunami to tame it down a little”