Chemnesia Reviews

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  • “Budtender: For that nice relaxing euphoric getaway a mindful vacation of blissfulness with burst of energy and a cleanse of the body,soul, and mind.... Me: Just shut up and take my money!”

  • “Bedford Grow is a new cultivator from Summit, IL and this review is dated 6/9/17. BG Chemnesia is listed as a sativa instead of a hybrid, and it is fragrant and very strong. Lemon and pine are the prominent flavors. The effect is heady and also gave me solid pain relief. I recommend this strain for mood adjustment, because this strain made me feel relaxed and happy. This is an unusual strain because it is listed as o...”

  • “Best strand I have smoked since moving to the Netherlands. Has that delicious sour diesel and gas smell and taste with a nice amnesia haze back end. Sour diesel on steroids”