Citrus Sap Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is really good for goofy relaxation and body or muscle pain. She is very potent but oh SO good, making you feel a little guilty that you feel so great! After your entertaining pain relief high, she kindly tucks you in for a short nap or to bed depending on which you need. You can stay functional if you need to, but if you're tired and aren't looking for sleep or don't smoke often, you should probably stee...”

  • “🔥• New Favorite Alert! • 🔥• ¡YowzA! 🙃 • Smoking thc-20.19% 🍊 sativa that will knock your socks off! • Holy skunky orangey 🍊 🔥 🌺! • The smell. The look. The taste. The exhale. The euphoria. The relief. The gratitude. The new fave. The happy me. DEF recommend for pros, newbies make sure you're sitting down! • 🔥”

  • “Lets get ready to get sticky with this Citrus Sap, we are going to get into this strain with 2 very potent award winning and popular strains Gorilla Glue #4 crossed with Tangie. this flower was off the charts all my nugs felt like they were glued together with heavy resin, with a very earthy yet citrus type smell, absolutely amazing!!! Cs will be a very potent and uplifting strain that will get your feeling excited w...”

  • “I was lucky enough to find a half gram of this in concentrate form, I have to admit this stuff tastes AMAZING total tangerine taste but taste more like Tangerine Ice Cream honestly, regardless it tastes and feels amazing! I'd easily say this strain is probably best for depression, anxiety, spasms and stuff. This instantly rose to my top 3 best tasting concentrates. If you find this one DO NOT PASS IT UP! It's totally...”

  • “Tastes, looks and smells delightfull. A little bit of a hard hitter for me. Subtle yet progressive transitions to euphoric state easy to accomplish and maintain. Great for mild pain relief, inflammation and fatigue. Creative, Euphoric, Focused, Alert. Should be used on low focus or mundane/routine tasks only. Counteractive with high focus, complex tasks. Anxiety is level.”

  • “Got a half ounce of some very good looking Citrus Sap from DC Collective in Canoga Park. Bright green, dense buds with dark orange, almost red hairs stuck tight to the sides. Taste is great, the name fits it well. The smoke is sweet and light start to finish, with a tangy lemon/orange aftertaste. Smells piney, but tastes more fruity. Definitely a sativa dominant hybrid, the high for me has been very clear yet ple...”

  • “Bree by Crockett Family Farms and DNA Genetics, Grown by KushCo 🍊💦💦💦Citrus FUNK orange glued to the sofa making video games so immersive! Picked up from THE WEED in Studio City 🔥🏆”

  • “Thc is high %. Taste like an orangey, cream like taste! Sticky. Very sticky. GG#4 attribute, no doubt.. All good to my head. Great for PTSD.”