Cookie Breath Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “What an amazing strain! The nugs are fantastic; covered in deep, deep purples, with orange hairs and crystals shimmering all over it. I had perhaps some of the stickiest nugs I had ever felt before.The smell; that famous cookie smell found throughout GSCs family just smacks you in the face! The taste... Definitely earthy, but with a sweet undertone to it, if that makes sense. And the high... Lord! I smoked two bowls ...”

  • “Very relaxing but not too sedating. Didn't make me pass out right away. I didn't really get the munchies but I ate a big meal before I vaped. The bud was very dense with a sweet earthy smell. Could taste a wine undertone when vaped.”

  • “really nice and mellow”