Critical Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is a unique special strain that i use mainly to battle depression, lack of aptitet and anxiety. For the averege none medicated user it's good for deep meditation and relaxation. You feel the haze roll in over your eyes and your and you get a thousand thoughts on your mind and become extremly relaxed. Smoking it makes you feel like all your problems go away. It's a super effective strain if you want to get the ...”

  • “This strain makes your problems go away. A nice sticky strain loaded with crystals. The smell is a fruity and hazey. Smoking it in a joint - the taste is very strong and pleasing. As a heavy smoker I almost, almost, had to put this one down half way through but I am glad I didn't. Sat here happily stoned on the couch. Not one for doing stuff on but I guess you could if you really had to. 15 mins later... This shit ...”

  • “Medium heavy smoke. Sweet citrusy flavor. Excellent high. Purchased shake in a tube from the greenhouse and rolled it into a joint. Can really feel the stronger sati a effect w mild indica.”

  • “really enjoyed the haze portion of this strain. the get-up-and-go is really helpful but I got a bad case of the munchies”

  • “Psycotrance.”

  • “smooth and mello. it hits you but not to hard. great for the back pain”

  • “Very good strain. Had a really good time while stoned”

  • “Nice relaxed high perfect for a relaxing day at home :) a fun one to smoke because it's so relaxing and puts your problems away for the time :)”