Deep Cheese Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “I really loved smoking this flower while out in nature, taking in the phenomenal Fall colors. While many strains are great for exploring the outdoors, they are usually very high-energy Sativas. Well, this one is more for getting a chair or hammock and just hanging out in a rather meditative at-one-with-nature sort of feeling. The sun was bright, the sky was blue and the weed was extremely pungent and cheesy. Deep Ch...”

  • “Picked up a very nice bag of this from my local dispensary. The strength of this strain took me by surprise. It has a very funky smell (hence the name) and the buds are exceedingly sticky..reminds me of Afgoo a bit. Love the mind body balance in this one. For me a choice daytime herb to get me through a long work day....or a afternoon movie.”

  • “Really enjoyed this strain! The high was really relaxing and overall a calming experience. I would rate this a 5 but personally I don't like the taste after a while. A little too cheesy for me.”

  • “All over pretty good bud to make your day relaxed and take away pain.”

  • “I LOVE IT!”

  • “I raised a Dinafem Deeo cheese from seed abd have been cloning and growing her out . Dank ,Dense and hints of earthy cheese smell perfect night time smoke.”

  • “Nice and smooth. You don't get the skunk pucker with this one but a relaxed yet alert state. Get creative now over b n a pig n blanket. Thanks Danks, always appreciate your honest advice about med and delivery time. You r real LoCal Vegas, keep up the great work.”