Dream Lotus Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Very mellow... Not in a bad way just not edgy like some sativas you'll find. Doesn't make you wanna sleep necessarily but could help ease the mind before bed. Vanilla and blueberry notes, vanilla hit me first then blueberry. Hashy taste leftover. Buds are dense but not as dense as a sour diesel. Buds are fat and trichomey. B+ rating from me Like the stress relieving body balancing aspect most good for meditation & re...”

  • “I love this strain. Being a very introverted person, I was surprised at how motivated I felt to speak with others and express myself. A nice tingly buzz coupled with good mood feelings and maybe a hint of confidence. Definitely a good strain for social occasions, and great for headaches.”

  • “Recently I was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and this strain helps a lot of the symptoms I experience (some in my previous review), but I had never known what they all meant. I am a high functioning autistic and anxiety, odd mood changes, and uncomfortable social interactions are a daily occurrence for me. I smoked Dream Lotus before, and during a five mile hike recently, and it made me feel extremely m...”

  • “Yummy. Almost spicy.”

  • “It is a hybrid of Blueberry and Blue Dream and this Dream Lotus holds up to the reputation of smoothness. I could take the most massive hits I have ever taken with this strain. If dried properly the smell will bloom into the fresh-like smell that stimulate the nostrils.”

  • “New Favorite.”

  • “This is a good strain. Tried it out in Colorado last year. Gives you the right amount of level to keep focused and eases pain at the same time. Well recommended.”

  • “Heavy eyes Functional Chill Relaxed”