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Dream Lotus

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Dream Lotus strain effects

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Dream Lotus strain helps with

  • 24% of people say it helps with Stress
  • 24% of people say it helps with Anxiety
  • 22% of people say it helps with Depression

This info is sourced from our readers and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Seek the advice of a health professional before using cannabis for a medical condition.


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Dream Lotus strain reviews62

May 17, 2016
Recently I was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and this strain helps a lot of the symptoms I experience (some in my previous review), but I had never known what they all meant. I am a high functioning autistic and anxiety, odd mood changes, and uncomfortable social interactions are a daily occurrence for me. I smoked Dream Lotus before, and during a five mile hike recently, and it made me feel extremely motivated and eager to express my thoughts and opinions, as well as the energy to continue the hike.
December 15, 2017
Dream Lotus is the best kush I've ever smoked. Seriously. I have been smoking weed for a very long time since high school, tasted all kinds of kush and I've never tried anything so perfect. If you have been smoking or smoked before then you have definitely heard of a weed strain called : blue dream. Blue Dream is the basic kind of weed for anyone with any problems or for recreation; Beginners, expert, psychological problems, anxiety, social problems, self image, ptsd, ego problems, mental, depression, pain, stress, meditation, healing, ADHD, cancer, basic common disorders and a whole bunch more. Basically blue dream was the best kush overall for everyone and everything. The last time I smoked blue dream was in high school, it felt like I was in a blue dream, the sky looked purple, you move away from inside your head more in the external world. Number 1 or 2 in my top 6 weed. (dream lotus, blue dream, pink kush, cheese, lemon haze, critical mass) Go check out blue dream and read the reviews. Now imagine the best hybrid kush of a'll time ranking 1st in many competitions, mixed with snow lotus another hybrid but with indica dominant. Snow lotus is a strain used for meditation, Zen, anxiety, stress, and it's a very lowkey strain but severely underestimated. Lotus is on par with pink kush, critical mass and God's green crack. It's just hard to get a hold of. Now mix Blue Dream and Snow Lotus into one kush. The best of both worlds combined into one kush. Yes exactly. Now you understand what I'm saying. Dream Lotus is the combination of the best weed strains available. You cannot even fathom the high you get from this kush. I'll try to explain; it was winter when I first smoked Dream Lotus. The snow on the ground shined brightly. The sun was out and it was morning. The birds were chirping and squirrels was scurrying around. The wind chimes were playing so nicely. I've never felt such bliss, euphoria, and peace. I took a nice strong hit from a pipe and it was very smooth. Not many coughs or dry throat. The sun and sky turned a cool purple colour. very chill. You feel the nice happy mellow high and you just follow into the present moment and surrender and feel incredible peace. The more you follow the "wave" and surrender to whatever is happening in the present moment, the better the high is. I've never felt suck euphoria before. You are at peace with everything. Everything just starts to feel grounded. You feel love for everyone and find forgiveness. You feel gratitude. You automatically face your fears and breakthrough to the end. This strain was probably created for meditation, or consciousness altering. There is about 20 % THC which is very good to get a nice trippy high, but more importantly this strain also has very high CBD count of 5%. This is what keeps you relaxed, not feeling paranoid or anxious. You can get an amazing high but still keep type feet on the ground and find focus. Mixing with your other favorite strains is a very good idea. It will add a nice oompf to it. Can be used at anytime and any situation, because it's is a nice hybrid of sativa and indica. You can relax, and still feel the trippy, giggles, uplifting, energetic, focused and euphoria of sativa. This is a sativa dominant hybrid meaning there is more daytime effects but you can still relax like indica. Won't fall asleep or become overly lazy. When I first saw this weed and it's background, I realized this was an AAAA strain. I did a lot of research before buying it. It had everything I wanted so I decided to give it a try. And this is the best weed I've ever tried. Will probably buy again if I can find it, and I'll probably buy like a brick lol. Perfect Weed for everything and anything.
January 30, 2018
This is quite honestly one of the best strains I've ever had. I suffer from very bad Generalized Anxiety Disorder, mild depression and chronic fatigue/lethargy (likely due to lack of exercise). The high itself is amazing as it comes part from blue dream (top 5 favorite). Makes me very happy and best of all ACTUALLY makes me energetic. This is one of the FEW strains that I've found to work wonders for my above symptoms. ESPECIALLY when it comes to curing fatigue.
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