Earth OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I don't even know where to start with Mo Kio is so perfect the high on this but its so light but long going its is so elegant I mean anything of real sativa smoker looks for in their high that a heavy-duty high but still light on your feet This Is It this is the best bud out there for that kind of smoker”

  • “I love planetary strains, and I am also a strictly indica kind of guy, but by far this is one of my favorite planetary strains. Because of it being bred with one of the dankest sativas on this earth, it doesn't delay with its hard hitting indica high. Most co-op will actually shelf this as an indica because if you don't know its actual lineage you will think it is an straight indica. If you love getting high, and rel...”

  • “Great strong but comfortable high. Great day or night. Makes me feel happy, relaxed and content. If smoke a little it gives energy but if i smoke a lot it makes me sleepy. Great for pain and nausea. Great go-to strain for whenever you wanna get high.”

  • “Smells like fresh soil! Taste is subtle, kind of woody. Smoked it throughout a sunny day and had a great time talking to girls in the park and playing with my dog. This is the shit Chief Keef LOVES.”

  • “I have yet to review a strain I've rated so low. this one was a disappointment, maybe I got a bad batch not sure. tasted like dirt and not the good way also had a very weak to nonexistent buzz. more like a step up above stress.”

  • “one of the Planetary strains Picked up half a gram of this at Zen OC in Garden Grove. It was the weekend so i decided to pick up this strain as Wax, boy was I glad I made this choice, although I do not believe Zen had this as a flower. Wax: Tan with mix of darkk deep green. Crumbly and easy to work on a dabber. Smell: Earthy, hint of citrus, and sharp OG. Taste: A fat dab of this resulted in a mouthful of FLAVO...”

  • “Tastes like dirt, but in a good way. When you think of bad thoughts, they float away. Happy.friendly. Nice. Ps, what is the og stand for”

  • “light body high happy”