Electric Kool Aid Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “finished my first sesh with this beautiful berry strain today. Being a slightly sativa dominate strain, you really can have the best of both worlds with Electric Kool Aid. Wowee wow the euphoria given off those grape hinted, crystal covered buds when lit is spectacular. The forrest reminiscent scent is pungent & tickles your nostrils. The taste is tarty, berriful. Very pleasant and mellow. The experience is just the ...”

  • “A pleasant energetic experience with talkative charisma. My friend Ms. Electric Koolaid, and I haven't known each other long, but what we do know of each other, she is a sticky, and dense mistress. And don't get me started on her other good points! Ms. EKA is a very social lady, and is always up for a good time.”

  • “Got that strain from a dispensary in Eugene, OR, very dense nuggets covered with white crystals, the smell is sweet and has piney aroma with berry and lavender undertones. I smoked it in a joint and appreciated the smoothness with a creamy finish almost like smoking Grand daddy purple but sweeter and smoother. I fell pain free halfway through the joint and worry free but motivated and creative in the same time.”

  • “👍🏽😎💪🏽👌🏽👍🏼”

  • “No negatives what so ever great strain for anytime of the day✨”

  • “My Electric Kool Aid was said to be indica dominant, and it felt like it. Nice relaxation, and it kept my legs still when I went to bed. I slept pretty well on this one, I'll try it again for pain relief. Nice uplift in mood!”

  • “This is my new go-to! I pick it up at MOSS CROSSING <3 I love the whole experience. Beautiful buds. Stunning aroma. Tastes smooth and sweet. And the buzz is one for the books. I have been using it in conjunction with my morning tea. It has helped me stay productive, and focused. Its creative and inspiring, and totally euphoric! If I need a little extra pep in my step, I'll mix mix it with a slightly higher sativa str...”

  • “Tried postin a pic for you guys. wont upload though”