G13 Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Pretty radical, I got some of this in Summit County, let's say its well with in my top 5 favorite strains next to stardawg and nurse Jackie.”

  • “This strain is very good highly recommend it has a very good high to it. The high starts off with you are felling a lot of energy and happy. Makes you want to get out and do something with a very strong head high which comes from the sour diesel part. Then the high slowly changes to you get the munches and Wana just chill out and it changes to a body high (G13 part). The one down side to this strain is the high only ...”

  • “A great entry from In Good Health, theirs is called G13 Skunk but this seems pretty darn close. Great indica tendencies for pain relief with a nice energetic sativa offset to prevent couchlock, nice strength, good medicine.”

  • “Absolutely amazing brings you up as it slowly uplift your mood and atmosphere definitely brings a lot of appetite though. Really good for PTSD and anxiety”

  • “G13 Diesel is going to be a new favorite strain of mine, now. The nugs are very light green and heavily frosted, like waking up on a cold morning to find your grass has frozen over. The smell is phenomenal. It's a mix of fuel, some earthiness and a slight sweet-citrusy aroma. While the smoke was slightly harsh, it was also smooth. It was also very thick and milky. Flavors of fuel and earthiness stood out the mo...”

  • “This was a soft but strong strain, if that makes sense. The bugs are literally soft, but when you smoke it, it's a strong high that leaves you in the clouds. In terms of the smell, it was citrusy with an earthy scent that lingers. It's a smooth scent overall. The taste (I used my bowl for this one) was the same as the smell: citrusy, but with an earthy aftertaste. Overall, this was a great strain. Had many idea...”