Go Time Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Exceptionally large Colas and is extremely crystallized and a very uplifting and relaxing high, very easy to grow with about a 65 day harvest time”

  • “Like the name implies, Go Time is a very uplifting strain. The version I tried was from Walden, and the THCa level was 25%. One or two small hits was all that was needed to work, and that is saying something for me. The high is very euphoric, and surprisingly paranoia-free for a strong sativa. It was also fairly long lasting. Not a super flavorful smoke, but it had pleasing green tea and cedar overtones, quite smooth...”

  • “It helps with pain and your still able to function. What we had was not frosty, but had a pleasant flavor. I would have to put this mid-range. Knowledge since 1972.”

  • “Decent. Nothing exceptional. the high was very mellow, in my opinion. Flavor was a bit earthy and good. The one I had was from Walden 28% ... Just eh...”

  • “I love this strain. I've only ever had it grown by Walden. What interested me in this strain wasn't the high Thca content (32%) but the 5 % CBG. I don't usually like high energy sativa like strains, but this one is fantastic! It has a very positive uplifting energetic vibe that just makes me apreciate being alive. That's the only way I can explain it. It just makes you glad to be alive. I definitely suggest trying th...”