Golden Ticket Reviews

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  • “I would call this hybrid sativa leaning. I smoke it at night, but was not looking for a sleep-aid, just something to put me out there. Golden Ticket did not disappoint! The body high was fast and strong putting flat out on my back in bed. But the head high - oh my! The high was cerebral and stoney at the same time. My thoughts were positive, reminiscing about old friends and good times past.My eyes were closed ...”

  • “it's been a beautiful, warm sunny day, my body feels good...I had anxiety all day yesterday and it was awful...woke up feeling exhausted and run down mentally. this strain is giving my brain the reboot it needs. I appreciate that. when all you can do is smoke this joint and look up at the sky and think 'THE SKY IS SO BLUE', smile and chill. I feel very calm, pretty alert and pain free. this is what I remember medical...”

  • “sounds great, would love to get my hands on the golden ticket....”

  • “Vaporized in a Da Buddha at 1:00 and in a crafty at 348f I got this strain about a month ago and just stocked up again today. This is a great go to strain for a happy, uplifted feeling. Great for watching tv, playing video games and being social. I cannot recommend this strain enough. Especially for stress and anxiety.”

  • “OMG, they sell this strain in Longview WA at Freedom Market, I had it about 2 mos ago, loved it, loved it, loved it.”

  • “From what I have decoded on my Mahatma Black Label Bottle, what the dispensary is calling Mr. Golden. is actually Golden Ticket by Mr. Dank. Golden Ticket Trim Shatter hits HARD. I put this in my Atmos Kiln/Sigelli150 TC, set the temp control to 375F and I went straight to the moon after a few rips. Great day or night. perfect strain for me!!”

  • “This high feels insane... 100% stress free, happy for no reason, nausea from my chemotherapy is 100% gone, which is why I used it in the first place, and I'm completely relaxed. The name isn't as cool sounding as "LA Confidential", but I think I'm gonna have to change my new favorite strain to Golden Ticket”

  • “Very nice spicy smell and taste. Definitely a get your work done kind of cannabis. Uplifting and makes you wanna get off your butt and get to work. A great cannabis for stress and anxiety.”