Good Medicine Reviews

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  • “As a 100% disabled combat vet with PTSD, I LOVE this strain. It is difficult to find a strain that can relieve some of the anxiety and hyper-vigilance, encourage relaxation, while allowing me to get things done. The higher the THC level, especially in Sativas, the worse the anxiety for me. This strain has a much lower THC level with a high amount of CBD which accomplishes my goals mentioned above. This is my stap...”

  • “Strain: Good Medicine (Green Crack / Tres Dwag / Harlequin cross -- CBD rich Hybrid) THC: 7.37% CBD: 9.50% Grower: Kool Kush Farms Location found: KaLeafa Date purchased: 3.29.16 Price: $7.00/g Weight: 1.2g Method of Consumption: Herb Iron and small bong Smell: A Green Crack berry smell that is not overpowering but very pleasant. A lavender/ flowery smell is detected too. It is a unique spread of smells brought tog...”

  • “This is the strain I find I use everyday, every few hours to help with my PTSD, anxiety, back pain, and Parkinson's disease. I feel relaxed, euphoric, at ease, pain gone, etc. All I need is 3 hits off a bowl or 60/40 tobacco/mmj spliff.”

  • “After an almost three year break from pot due to constant panic attacks, it was recommended I try this strain. Good Medicine restored my faith in marijuana. The low THC and the high CBD provided me with a gentle stone while still having complete cognizance and no couch-lock. It was like being caressed in a warm, safe hug. Lots of munchies and laughter. No anxiety whatsoever. Just peace and relaxation. Also aided in n...”

  • “It started as a nice, clear-headed feeling. Unfortunately, it slowly morphed into a headache. If you're prone to headaches, I don't recommend this.”

  • “Amazingly effective for physical symptoms of anxiety, clear-headed, mellow, CHEAP in Colorado. New best part of waking up”

  • “Best bedtime strain I've ever had. Super relaxing body effects.”

  • “Tried this for the first time yesterday, and the name says it all! Pain and anxiety, wash away within minutes. Smell is not overwhelming and smooth to smoke. My head is clear and relaxed. Great strain!”