Grape God Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Thank the Grape Gods!.. Very relaxing feel-good-all-over High, body-mind-spirit balancing... I am nicely stoned, out of back pain and resting well from two nice water bowls!!...Delicious, very easy smooth yummmmy🍇 smoke...this lovelylady nugs ease stress, encourage regeneration, reflection, restoration!... 💜 in da couch 😍!”

  • “All hail the mighty Grape God! Godbud x Grapefruit. Not for being this crazy heavy hitter either, but for being the definition of a perfect indica dominant strain. This medicine acts as both pain relief as well as an anti-anxiety very quickly. With a smoother onset over the body and legs, a calming head high gives a sense of ease making it great choice for a first time patient. Definitely recommend checking it out!”

  • “70/30 indica Smell of grape is present but faint as it is overtaken by a strong earthy smell. The taste is for the most part earthy while a little hint of grape makes it a pleasant after taste. Very Euphoric initially and as it tapers off a mild stone approaches and lingers into extreme feelings of being mellow for hours after. The buds were dense while still allowing for push.”

  • “After smoking a hash joint of this stuff it had me doing the jazz hands.”

  • “Writing review as I burn. It smells like a white grape crossed with blueberry (and a hint of mint), and the smell is strong. The smoke is light and almost has no taste. Its pretty cerebral and the high is noticeably strong. Euphoric and relaxed are the two traits that are most obvious to me; you could definitely use during the day for its euphoric effects and it doesn't have couch lock, but you could absolutely u...”

  • “I'd recommend very long and deep breathes when smoking Grape God. You'll be on a whole new level a couple bowls in.”

  • “I suffer from BPD and this was the first time I'd ever felt mentally healthy. It cleared my head so much I actually felt normal (or as close to normal as I've ever experienced). I found this strain was exceedingly helpful with reflection and introspection. Therapy in a bag! If you feel you've lost all hope I recommend Grape God! 🍇”

  • “🚀.."Grape Gods of Fire!"...I Love this Lovely Lady as an After-Lunch High!!..She delivers a Fun Beautiful Up energy that Fights my Fatigue and gets my lazyass Motivated!!..Feeling her Deep Muscle Relaxation almost instantly..ahhh..the Arthritis and Chronic Pain are fading while Silly Smiles paint my face...Ready to Play and Create this Beautiful Afternoon!.. Opens my higher Mind to new information and ideas, ZAPS...”