Guava Chem Reviews

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  • “Guava Chem is a little gem of a day time flower. I've smoked it a dozen times or so. It's a very clear head high. It last for about two hours. It's one of those flowers that builds on its high if you smoke a lot of it in one sitting. You can't just smoke one bowl and expect to get all of its potency. It's nice for people with high tolerance and lower tolerance as well. Like most sativas, it helps deal with fatigue an...”

  • “When I pop open my container holding some Guava Chem it's as if i'm unscrewing a lid to a bottle of guava juice. No joke, this strain smells exactly like the fruit.”

  • “Yum Yum!!! This one's genetics are intense. So it's a Star Dawg (Chem Dawg4 xTres Dawg) X Tres Dawg (Chem DawgD x Double Dawg [{Chem DawgD} x{Afghani #1}]. So Chemdawg4, and ChemDawgD finally cross genetics, and the Tres Dawg that's crossed within Stardog essentially backcrosses onto another Tres Dawg. Tres Dawg is already Chem DawgD back crossed with Afghani #1 added for flavor. It's ridiculous. It tastes like th...”

  • “Awesome strain. Big fan. Pain relief was obvious. It even got rid of a tooth ache that I had! Tastes great. Nice chill high for me, doesn't make me tired either. I didn't see any negatives on here and truthfully I haven't felt any yet.”

  • “Purchased from Magnolia Road (in Boulder). Smells like gummy bear (bubblegum x jilly bean) or moonshine haze. Its a hybrid that will surprise you”

  • “beautiful perfection =_=”

  • “I much prefer indica over sativa. However fir daytime indicas can be very quieting and sleeping. So I have tried different sativas for pain relief but still able to be active. Guave chem is very different to other sativas imo. Lots of insightful thinking and amazing sex. You need to stay hydrated with Guava and your heart can race a bit. A little mild paranoia from the excitation level. I ...”

  • “Really tasty and a great pick me up high.”