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Hollywood OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Got so high i started dancing”

  • “I have only obtained this with donation from AZ-Elevated twice and tried the same strain along with Granddy Purple and I find that Holloywood OG is the best strain for my condition and it helps in all my conditions. It's Great!!!!”

  • “Made me feel like a hollywood stah not star a "stah". Ya got super high.”

  • “Outstanding medicine. Overpowering at times. Not recommended for use outside of the home. 2-3 rips of this medicine and you won't be going anywhere for 2-3 hours.”

  • “Seattle Private Reserve: Hollywood OG - Live Resin. Lineage: OgreKush x (unknown) Flavor: Earthy cheese with a pine bitter aftertaste. Effect: This indica dominate hybrid gives me a head and body high that lets me remain active so I can finish things up at the end of my day. Very positive feeling no stress/anxiety with pain relief and a nice even amount of energy. The high, the consistency, and the price are great...”

  • “This strain has been the best for my medical needs. I wish more vendors in phoenix would continue to get it otherwise. will have to go else where.”

  • “Picked up this strain in a hydrocarbon wax form from Seattle Private Reserve. This strain was sitting at over 80% and it is amazing. 0 to 100 with just a lil bit. Fast acting and long lasting. Appetite kicked in about 3 hors later, but I could have just been hungry too.”

  • “Top fire. great effects cerebral and body. Tried today for first time. Winner. drop the Mic....Lol”