Holy Grail Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Immediately after smoking you can feel how high-quality it is. Extremely pleasure inducing - both mentally and physically. It really makes you feel GOOD! There's a sizzling all over your body that's tantalizing along with an awesomely encouraging thrill in your chest. The indica element brings a noticeable depth, distant headspace, and tangible weight on the top of your head - but it's never overbearing and always pl...”

  • “The medication works most effectively in almost completely eliminating pain and nausea associated with a migraine. Making anything left so much more tolerable. The flavor and odor are the best I've tried so far. It literally tasted like the smell of freshly cut yard after rain, which happened to be located next to a pine forest.”

  • “Great Hybrid alternative for a daytime Indica smoker who needs a strain that has a non couchlock effect. Or in turn for a 24/7 Sativa smoker who needs a good strain for body and mood, but not the head fog. Long lasting effect 2-3, non groggy finish. Flavors-sweet apricot, pungent earth tones Tender's notes: Have a tasty beverage handy to combat dry mouth !”

  • “By far one of the hardest hitting strains...Feels a little like white widow or trainwreck. Had my first bowl of it today. Hit it of my HvyGlass Bong and i nearly lost my hit i choked so hard. Potent Strain. Instant numbing in brain with no pain at all. Has a headband feel in the head. Very euphoric and chill, focused, alert and warm as ever.”

  • “Wow wow wow. The homies at coastal collective know how to hook it up! got over an eighth of this bud its a very smooth smoke that doesnt take much to get you up in the clouds. very quickly the back of your calves are starting to feel that tingling sensation and you are instantly relaxed happy. I highly recommend and will be remembering this strain. Dense bud covered in trichomes very pungent citrus sour wood/pine? ve...”

  • “So far my Favorite strain EVER! I smoke to feel tired and hungry and this worked for both. It was very tasty and smoked slowly. Highly recommend.”

  • “Relaxing and great for pain relief! Mellow high that isnt overpowering, so I could enjoy my movie without forgetting it all haha”

  • “This is by far the best smoke I've ever had. The only one I've found that relieves my back pain and spasms. It's hard to catch. It comes and goes so quickly.”