Jack 47 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “a superb strain of two of the greatest greens put together. smells and taste exceptional like old school smoking, a lovely fruity heavy taste like a good brandy/whiskey. buds are compact with a very heavy coating of crystals”

  • “Jack 47 is seriously amazing. Smells great and tastes great. I have been smoking for a long time and Jack 47 brings me back to the days of uncontrolled laughing fits. Smiles all day long and deep thoughts is what you can expect with this wonderful strain.”

  • “Amazing. This stuff makes you Happy, energetic and makes you want to dance and listen some good music!”

  • “very good euphoric effect”

  • “beautiful smell of grapefruit and pine, with a great uplifting high. Had an awesome head rush without being anxious falling into a great body numbness. at one point I was able to zone out and couldn't feel any of my limbs, bit mental really.”

  • “Very good”

  • “A very potent hybrid, which in a proper growing can be tremendous. The batch I got was outdoor and not very well grown and cured. Thick buds with heavy aromas and both sativa and indica effects. Probably very good for medical use. Not one of my favourites for sure. If I get a better quality I will update.”

  • “Exceptional Hybrid. I Highly recommend this Jack Herer x AK47.”