Jean Guy Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Tabarnak ça m'a fucké en crisse cte shite là”

  • “Found mostly in Quebec, Jean Guy is a strong sativa: gets you very high, euphoric and aroused then hits like indica leaving you staring into space sometimes. The high hits nicely and makes you able to function throughout the day since the sativa buzz sticks around longer than indica. It is known to releave Chronic pain and treats my stress, paranoia and anxiety much better than other buds. Amazing looking, smell is v...”

  • “Ceux qui en ont dans le coins de Québec/Lévis dites le ;)”

  • “Un genre d'OG Kush québécois! Avec un meilleur goût! Jean Guy est sous-estimé, je vous le conseille fortement. Petite dose pour une journée avec le public. Il se distingue avec sa beauté et son agréable odeur citronnée, mérite 5* !”

  • “Si tu veux t'buzer, tu l'a trouvé.”

  • “Jean Guy, what Can I say about it? Its Awesome bud, Everyone in the World should Have a Toke or 2 Because the World Needs a Break!! It is A great Strain 4 Pain in my back. If you can get this also Nice mellow High... bec”

  • “Québec classic, thanks to Leafly for putting it up! Awsome smell of skunk and lemon (double your bags!). The high is very head-oriented and sativa-like, but you also get a good body-high (from the White Widow genes). Good for daytime smoke but only in small quantities, this is one of those sativas who feel like an indica in larger quantities. Enjoy! ------------------------------------- Un classique du Québec, marc...”

  • “Simply amazing for back pain if you suffer from back pain get some It is grown in Canada and from a Canadian I heard of this strain but didn't think much of it however my Medical Marijuana Dispensary and this batch was amazing Got pretty high as well”