Ken's Kush Reviews

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  • “when i learned that kens kush was co-parented by one of my favs grandaddy kush and another true standby og and krazy sativa sour diesel i had to try it... and I am pleased i did. i don't do roller-coasters or it equivalent, sativas... but this little mixture was stimulus to my brain and my body. can't wait to smoke tomorrow morning wake-and-bake Christmas morn.”

  • “I really like this strain, it is best of both worlds. I was recommended this strain by one of my favorite budtenders at The Green Room here in Detroit. I was more or less testing it out being that I got it as a free gram after buying a certain amount and so I always ask the budtender to give me their favorite Indica or Hybrid atm. It has never lead me to a bad strain. I wanted to get something done but my stomach a...”

  • “Relaxing feel that makes you pretty horny, Giggly and mellow.”

  • “nice sour pungent smell, buds were dense & covered in crystals from head to toe. Nice real dark orange hairs, flower was dark green with shades of purple. when smoked tends to creep up on you, but when it does oh boy. Gets rid of pain, more of a aphrodisiac. made me and my girlfriend horny as fuck. we sat around all day and smoked fucked ate smoked fucked then ate again. nice bud man!!! all in all, 5 stars hands down...”

  • “This strain is great if you need that extra bit of motivation to clean or anything like that. The taste is good. Very happy with this strain.”

  • “This review is on Ken's Kush sugar by Slaughter Genetics out of Colorado Springs, C.O.. I really enjoyed the cross of these three strains. The GDP really sweetens up the mix and adds a touch of grape. I love grape. The high itself was comfortable, but I still got a sativa emphasis similar to Sour Kush or Headband but not overwhelming. I can't speak for the actual herb but it made for tasty oil. 9/10”

  • “Brings me back to indicas back in 2009. Loved it! Only problem was that it didn't last long for me. Great flavor as well, btw!”

  • “Very nice, extremely relaxing without the sleepy, I would say it leans much more heavily on it's GDP side than the OG Kush side at least in terms of flavor which was okay kinda old school flavored but with a hint of berry but while the GDP brings the relaxation the OG brings something more upbeat hence no sleepy at the same time it doesn't keep you awake and I actually slept very well once I ready.All around a great ...”