LA Chocolat Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Effects are strong body high, smell good, used in volcano vaporizer at 3:56 F fulled 10 bags,high THC 29 % in Portland Maine , looks vary crystal buds resin's ,”

  • “Delicious taste, knockout for sleep”

  • “I have been smoking for many years now and tried many different strains for my pain! This by far is the best I have ever had it doesn't leave you couch bound so you can go about your business!”

  • “Helps out with pain period. Tasty, dense, kiefy”

  • “i give it a 5 because i like it very much.good hard ,sticky buds,a little sweet and possibly chocolate but earthy and spicy.great f/ pain and anything else that ails u and again,u can smoke it anytime.i have a very high tolerance,so i know if it gets me off pretty good it will work very well w/ most other folks.definitely gonna get more!”

  • “Went for a walk through the neighborhood while listening to some Marley. Great body buzz with happy state of mind”

  • “Sweet taste. Happy. Tingly body high. I can still function. LOL. Really need a cold drink for your throat though. Loving it though. :)”

  • “That gas!”