Lemon Kush Reviews

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  • “😍..Vaped Oil (72.6%)..Oh Sooo Effective for Zapping my Blues!!..A RelaxedUpFunMELLOWSleepy DeLightful Balanced-Hybrid!..MUNCHY ALERT🍰...KIND Herb for Kick-Back kinda days, also a Great Lazy nite-nite Stone!..The Impressive Lineage is Purrrfect for this LoungingLazy Kitty..InDaCouch material, for sure!! Pleasantly Refreshing🍋Lemon/Citrus Taste & Scent..I HighLy suggest Vaping this SweetLovelyLady to All my CannaFri...”

  • “=About It:= Lemon is ever so present all throughout. The nugs smell strongly of Lemon. The nugs are SO tightly compact - THEY SNOKE YOU, you do not smoke them! Lemon aftertaste is very strong in the mouth! That is saying something given it's THAT present through the smoke. A strain that will cause dry-mouth (no cotton mouth). VERY heavy sedation, novice users start slowly with dosage. =Medical= The heavy sedation me...”

  • “One of the best weeds i ever smoked!!! Sooo good this and OG my all time favorites. I Always get kush its 1 of the best”

  • “smoked a blunt of lemon kush in nyc near times square with my brother. best time of my life. high was happy and euphoric. negatives were blood shot eyes and dry mouth but i didnt care at the time 😂 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you can get your hands on it”

  • “Also, very effective for restless leg problems. I didn't think cannabis would work for this problem, but this is better than any script for a pharmacy.”

  • “I'm reviewing Lemon Kush (LemonDrop x Master Kush) Not what leafly Is showing, beautiful crystallized fat nugs reeking and tasting like lemon and literally has both Sativa and Indicia attributes this strain is amazing I must recommend to all. Very good for stress and anxiety and even insomnia where as it can also be used as a daytime smoke to just chill you out. Really wish Leafly would update Lemon Kush it's so much...”

  • “In Love with this strain, I love how to makes me feel! Uplifted into a very relaxing stony head feel, my limbs and my whole body feels very relaxed and happy! It's a creeper for me, the way it hit's me isn't jarring at all like most other strains that hit me so hard it can be hard to even just walk and talk. This is absolutely lemon pine smell very dank and frosty nuggets full and puffy. There are more pistols around...”

  • “This has been one of my go-to's lately for good reason. It has huge calyxes, but a lot of it would fall right off the the stem like you would hope you're pulled pork to be haha so a little dry, but thats on the dispensary. it looks like someone dropped sugar on it and is super loud of lemon obviously hence the name so i used a majority for making coconut oil and doses were much higher than normal. i didnt have it te...”