Lemon Skunk Reviews

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  • “If you've read my other reviews, than you know my experience but for this review I am only reviewing a strain I have sampled, Lemon Skunk by DNA Genetics, from a local delivery service in Ann Arbor(not on Leafly). This strain is amazing in it's appearance, smell and effects. It's name is a little off as there is definitely a large percent of limonene for the "lemon" in the name but there wasn't any skunk to it, at le...”

  • “It's a creeper, slow to come on. Mostly in your head...to the extent it feels disconnected from your body. Very childlike wonder taking hold. Overall, distant and suppressed - like an indica head high. Irrepressible schoolboy giddiness residing comfortably in the background. As high progresses, full-blown happiness taking over. Visuals are compelling. Pretty short attention span and slow to concentrate. Very...”

  • “Smoked a small bowl with my girlfriend and watched some Seinfeld. She got tired so we went to bed and you know I got that ass. Thanks, Lemon Skunk!”

  • “🌺..This Skunky girl is sooo fine! A Wake & Bake favorite of mine. She gently takes me by the hand & pulls me from the quagmire. Her POSITIVE ENERGY lifts any Depression, Anxiety, even PTSD.!! Very Euphoric, Elevating, Ethereal. The deep lemoney flavour is smooth and sweet. My nugs are FRESH, med green with orange hair. "Lasts a Long Time". I luv smoking delicious LS in my glass water HOOKA. also Verry nice in a "...”

  • “After the first hit, you immediately feel it in your brain. Your brain starts to get heavy, much like how reviewer weazal put it, an indica head high. So basically your brain gets struck by Lemon Skunk and begins to sink like the Titanic. And as your brain sinks, your stresses and worries start to drown. Every corridor, hallway, and room of your brain floods with happiness. And, much like the women and children escap...”

  • “I really enjoyed this strain. I found myself to be quite giggly while using it. This strain is a must try! Pros: Happy Giggly Euphoric Feel your floating I got a random boner that can be described as "6,000 microscopic elves each collaborated to lift my penis ever so gracelessly. This strange event was about 13 minutes then proceeded to die off. Cons: Extremely minor head ache. Dry-mouth Obtaining...”

  • “I love this one. The lemon flavor is amazing. I was happy, euphoric and Relaxed.”

  • “An emotional respite. First appearances alone are pacifing, with a lush astroturf green, tightly wound orange hairs, and a dusting of powder akin to morning dew, confidence in your purchase is immediate. Anyone who's stood under a lemon tree will feel nostalgia upon opening, with lemon rind, flowers, and a hint of mossy dank meeting the nose. This is definitely a strain for the vaporizer. Smoking a lemon branch i...”