Lemonder Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “smooth, mellow, relaxed high without losing consciousness! Smell and flavor are delightful and inviting.”

  • “**was told it was pink lemonade and lavender. ... Seattle private reserve? ? might need double check”

  • “Smell is like pledge and pinesol, but softer and with a hint of that dank from the o.g. Hits incredibly smooth with a mild aftertaste similar to the smell. All in all a great example of this strain grown by Seattle's Private Reserve!”

  • “I love this strain. smoke it once and you're hooked this flys out of my shop, super sticky, super creeper weed. I will always buy this when we get it lavender with og kush”

  • “Most recent batch at Diego Pellicer had a Terp Total of 4.85%.. This strain is starting to creep into my top 5, just like the high 15 minutes after a nice bong rip. Nothing comes close if you're looking for a bud that smells lemony or citrusy and tastes just the same... Get the word out, this strain is legit!! Check out Diego Pellicer while they still have it.”

  • “Incredible citrus flavor with a nice mellow high. You'll feel entirely care free as you feel all the aches of the day come to a calm.”

  • “AMAZING . One of the best smelling flowers I've ever encountered. Really awesome mellow but uplifting effects. Had some to celebrate the halfway of a big hike in the mountains, the guys at the dispensary said this is the best weed in the state right now and I agree!”

  • “I love this strain! It left me relaxed and happy. Looks and smells beautiful too.”