Master Skunk Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This bud is outstanding I just picked up a batch of it and lemon skunk. Being down south, both these strains are hard to come by. Master skunk is by far the most body dominating strain I've ever consumed other than the deep deep indicas. 5 star smoke for sure!”

  • “woof. ..time to sleep....This is a super sleepy and dry eyed high. i enjoyed the euphoria and relaxed high as well. super tasty”

  • “Master Kush is by far one of the best all time strains, its buds are covered by big eye popping trichomes that covers ever the flower stem. Just by looking at that the bud will contain a high amount of THC between 19%-21%, the mind high will stay for 3-5 hours while the body high will last for 2-4 hours usually activating after 30min of smoke the CBD will take effect and the body high will begin.”

  • “Nice melow high taste really good!”

  • “Just sittin here with a few buddies indulging into some MASTER SKUNK. Joints are medium size and we did 3 HUGE buckets each. I will tell you right now, I am a seasoned vet. This by far is the best weed I smoke.. Dont smoke it on the regular, as you WILL get amune. However in my opinion this is the HEAVIEST strain available.”

  • “BC grown, good strain but leaves you upholstered real fast. Good for movies”

  • “My favourite strain, it makes me feel amazing. This strain is definitely a couch lock for me. A good strain for before bed or before a funny movie. Wouldn't suggest beginners to smoke this strain, it will get you super stoned. But if you are a veteran smoker by all means dive in on a rip. This shit is fire”

  • “My New Favorite strain for day and night time alike!”