Moon Cookies Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “WHOOA!! If this strain doesn't relax you and chill you down for a bit, nothing will!! Taste is amazing, smell of the bud is intoxicating, nice chunky buds! Deep, dark purple flecks, with bright green and a touch of blue!! All around, great for medicinal purposes.”

  • “Just as billed, will guide u straight to the Moon...Cookies! Rock hard nugs hit smooth and full, pungent pine and sweet doughy earth...def features the Kushy side of GSC...reminiscent of Girl Scout Master. Effects similar to GSC, balanced and potent, with a strong Indica side that shows in higher doses...A must-try for all Cookie lovers!!!”

  • “Hadn't heard of this one , however upon doing a little research on it I had to snag some up. Anyone who loves GSC's must try this. Basically its all the goodness fun relaxation and socialness that this strain offers ^2 . Beware this creeps up on u especially if ur smoking alone. This will hit u like a high quality Indica if u overdo it . The buds were dense sticky dark hues of green purple orange and blue.”

  • “Brilliant strain. Happiness in a flower. Creeps up on you, but then warms your mind with euforia and a relaxed feeling that isn't sedative. Though after a few hours you are ready to sleep. Moderate body effects coupled with the mental up tick, make it all encompassing and fairly powerful, in a very good way.”

  • “Thca: 23.1% Thc: 21.7% Cbd: 0.1% total cannabinoids: 25.7%, From Head Light. Taste is grassy/earthy for sure, might just be my new favorite greens.”

  • “Beautiful and tasty buds. Love how these look and definite cookie effects. Start slow...hits hard.”

  • “Lovely aroma...amazing high.”

  • “Not my favorite strain but it looks pretty nice!”