Odyssey Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Gives a nice long lasting head high that will relieve any stress, tension, and anxieties. Pushed on a journey of unbounded concentration. This strain will enlighten and excite you in so many ways.”

  • “Really awesome head high that eventually moves to a head high. Really great for stress or nausea.”

  • “Definitely agree with the headache rating. Pretty powerful stuff if you're looking for a head high, lots of pressure. Great for stress and calming.”

  • “started with the body high and then all off a sudden I was in space. great bud glad I have an ounce of it.”

  • “harsh intake but nice buzz after second hit. very potent smell”

  • “i love it”

  • “Calmed down some of my anxiety Didn't make me hungry, but it made me super tired, and those are two things I was looking for!”

  • “this shit is killer, i tried it for the first time last night. i went to go and cash it on one hit, and shit made me start to cry!! great shit”