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Odyssey Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Gives a nice long lasting head high that will relieve any stress, tension, and anxieties. Pushed on a journey of unbounded concentration. This strain will enlighten and excite you in so many ways.”

  • “Definitely agree with the headache rating. Pretty powerful stuff if you're looking for a head high, lots of pressure. Great for stress and calming.”

  • “Really awesome head high that eventually moves to a head high. Really great for stress or nausea.”

  • “Best stuff ever! It gives a great body buzz if your just sitting around relaxing from a long day of work and you know how it is walking all day on concrete lifting stuff isn't easy for 12 hours long! But this made my day way much better. It tastes really sweet and has black purple-ish nugs and it's amazing I don't know how to explain it to you all right now because's just too much right now .'”

  • “started with the body high and then all off a sudden I was in space. great bud glad I have an ounce of it.”

  • “My kind of smoke. Real heavy. Relieves all the afterwork pains and aches. Also found it was good for gaming.”

  • “this shit is killer, i tried it for the first time last night. i went to go and cash it on one hit, and shit made me start to cry!! great shit”

  • “Great head based high to relax to.”