OG #18 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “My pain level was through the roof yesterday morning; an urgent bowl of OG18 from the table vape and I was able to dress and get to the door with the dog within .5 hour. I felt relaxed through the day and my pain was dampened enough that I managed to get a few chores done. I was pretty chatty on the phone with people and felt a little "outside of myself" during the day (re-hit about 4 hours after 1st use, and again...”

  • “This super strain made me incredibly physically relaxed but mentally alert with a pleasant and not-too-strong head buzz (experienced user). Quashed my nausea and boosted my appetite. Very effective on my pain, bringing the level down to 3-4/10. Worked pretty well on my chronic insomnia as well. A great go-to, multi-purpose herb. Has to be added to my Top 3 for pain relief.”

  • “I waited a while before posting on this strain. It took a bit to tweak dosages to get the best results. This "OG 18" is a very intense version of its namesake, with one distinct difference, it lasts up to 4 hours per dosage. Too much of this, and you will get couchlock, bad. Great for insomnia too. Start slow on your dosages, and you can get things done around the house with good pain relief. This is not someth...”

  • “O.G. 18 - I picked up this strain tonight at HWC Phoenix. A beautiful grow and and perfect cure if you're in Phoenix and like indicas I'd definately recommend. very strong acting strain in both cerebral and body effects. classic og kush smell, beautiful nugs perfectly cured (burns to a gray ash - black ash being indicative of more water for those that don't know). i don't really remark on the coloring or hairs -...”

  • “Funky little number. Good diesel OG taste mixed with some funk. Steady buzz, long lasting, relaxing and not too stony. Great smoke,”

  • “HIGH-ly underrated strain, that sometimes misses the credit line based off of it's name. OG #18, if you have tried other OG's (a.k.a. Ocean Grown) in similar, it has a more sour pungency over the traditional KUSH scent most associate to the strain. True OG has a hindu smell, where 'Private Reserve' expresses a cheesier edge in its terpenes. Beautiful plant when aged at 9weeks mature flowering, nice dense bud, mid li...”

  • “Da bomb! Similar to other OG kushes as its just a phenotype (but a beautiful one at that). Real stanky and loud earth scent, taste's more sour than it smells. It tends to burn a bit hot like most og's but this one will expand ur lungs and make u tear up in the best way possible.”

  • “Also had it as private reserve o.g. Very strong, and I'm not a novice. It's a "Take one hit & wait a bit" strain. Really great for insomnia!!! my SO & I were talking & cuddling after a smoke, and the next thing I knew, I woke up at 2 am & he was sound asleep. And I fell asleep again fast , which is unusual, & he slept all night without waking, which is v. rare. Woke up extremely rested & calm. Do this when you reall...”