Ogre Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The Ogre stomps out of the jar in large healthy nugs, dark overall in nature with deep forest greens and wild shoots of dark orange-brown hairs from every nook. It breaks down easily and its sweet lemony pine kush aroma only gets stronger as you get into the heart of the bud. A nice even burn, just harsh enough to let you know its there, with an equally pleasant release, followed by an almost instant need to sit do...”

  • “fire indica!! my all time favorite! used in treatment for PTSD, spasm/nausea, IBS and insomnia!!!. A definite must try if you prefer Indica”

  • “I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed this strain a lot, but it's not worth anymore than $10 a gram from the local shop. It gives a decent high, but it's competition like Sour Diesel, Green Crack, and other well known strains at the shop over power my pocket. Orge gives a strong high. If you come across cheap Ogre (I got a gram for $8), I would definitely grab it up, but like I said before, I wouldn't donate anymore th...”

  • “Must find a good grow to begin. Dont look for lowest price actually look for highest price that will most likely be the best grown unless the co-op's just trying to sell mids for a high price. So make sure you check it before you buy it. Should be covered in crystals and the smell should be amazing. the bud structure should be sorta dense but similar to og kush thats been crossed with indica. I have Ogre from Loo...”

  • “I smoked some of this with ma friends and its like, really good. Its so good, I'm seriously having a lot of trouble typing this review. I feel like my whole body is made of jello. Im really hungry and feel like i should eat so im probably gonna do that. This weed is that kind of silly, munchy, happy high. I like it a lot.”

  • “sweet, citrus/ammonia stench, super dense nugs, fair amount of amber trichs. bong hit produces a thick fog and a hacking cough. heavy indica high sets in over 5-10 minutes. produces very relaxing, body floating in warm molasses kind of feeling. excellent pain and stress relief, good for nausea, great for lack of appetite.”

  • “Barely any smell to it which makes it an easy thing to hide. Although it is an indica, I didn't fall asleep fast. The creative side hit me like a brick. But overall if I could get it again, I would in a heartbeat”

  • “Relaxed and straight rocked. Like I was on the nod. Very heavy body effects and time slowed down.”