Omega Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Extremely pungent and spicy flavor and aroma. A great sativa dominant all day herb. A very up high that lasts and allows one to get work done. Tastes as amazing as it looks.”

  • “This weed has to be one of the best strains I've smoked in a while. I feel most stoned. Extra happy and giggly. I think it has a bit of a spice flavor. My body also feels very relaxed. I'd buy more for sure.”

  • “just picked up a preroll of this strain. Omega is proof that the numbers don't matter. This was labeled as only 15% but packs just as powerful a punch as many 25+ strains. in fact, I'm so fried after sharing just HALF a preroll with my son (don't trip, he's 30 lol) that I can barely think of what I want to write here 😃”

  • “Omega feels good. And tastes great.”

  • “Omega is my go-to sativa strain. Sativas tend to make me jumpy and/or cranky but Omega has just the right balance. The sativa side brings you up up up with a very clear high, totally able to function. Just enough indica to keep you balanced and takes the edge off. Love it.”

  • “I really like it got me super high in the first hit”

  • “Timelessly potent beginning with an exhilarating headrush that uplifts your spirit. After an hour or so the mindf**k starts to dim down, but the body high remains at full capacity making this the perfect hybrid to stay active before falling into a long deep sleep.”

  • “This is the bomb”