Orange Juice Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Reminds me of a freshly picked tangerine. A sweet and earthy flower. This is smooth on the mind and most kind to the body. Feels like a good day time bud, but it also has made me feel very relaxed. So I could see the benefit of an evening toke and perhaps relief from insomnia.”

  • “Tastes and smells exactly like Orange Juice. Great way to wake up in the morning right before breakfast.”

  • “Great hybrid strain, very pungent taste and great aroma. Instantly revitalizing, not sour or tangy just right.”

  • “Nice, Focused High...a little energetic...Nice High 4:20”

  • “honestly people....this is better than "advertised". #staymedicated#hybrid #indica”

  • “I really didn't expect much out of this strain, but actually I was blown away. Reason being because of the Orange juice sweet taste and Orange buds. it made me have a nice head buzz with a relaxed body, definitely good if you have a loss of appetite!”

  • “Very sweet, citrusy...smooth high!”

  • “One of my favorite highs. I find Orange Juice works great for my ADHD. Just enough to get my brain to slow down and allow me to hold on to some thoughts.”