Panda OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is definitely a top shelf strain that Grow Op Farms (Phat Panda) seems to grow absolutely perfectly every time I've had it it's looked flawless the high is upbeat with plenty of energy while still giving a nice relaxing body buzz. The flavor is something that really sets this strain apart it's very original the berry flavors go great with the OG Chem and you can tell just by looking in the jar that the stuff is ...”

  • “it has a very strong sativa Buzz but the downsize to this strain is how much it made me cough. anybody is better off vaping this strain unless u enjoy the feeling of shitting in your pants while u cough lol.”

  • “Nice and fluffy with a thick smoke in the bong. Needed a third rip though so not the strongest. I dunno maybe it was the strained of it I got. Very strong diesel taste..... So be warned”

  • “Great taste and the second I opened the jar it was instant seduction to the nostrils and brain. Y”

  • “I've only tried Hybrid Panda hash and I kinda liked it. Did a cocktail with G13 and this. This makes me feel more uplifted and happy. Great hash for good times.”

  • “It had me on the floor coughing with delightfully.”

  • “Thought the day I first smoked OG Chem it was the best weed in twenty years , but it became the parent of it. Panda OG, for me, is the best overall strain out there. Dense nugs, sweet smell ,amazing herb. Phat Panda always comes thru, and is actually worth the extra money, any strain. trust me. Great job guys!!!!”

  • “It has an interesting artificial berry flavor, like berry candy with a slight chemical flavor. The high was more energetic and trippy feeling than I had expected. I wanted something more relaxed on my first try, so it caught me off guard. It was enjoyable, just not what I was expecting. The high reminded me of Amnesia Haze. There was a nice body high and an energized yet trippy head high with some time distortio...”