Permafrost Reviews

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  • “I still like this stain better than most. Tastes good, you get nice and high and it doesn't give you couch lock , so you can get your stuff done during the day.”

  • “Strain: Permafrost OG Head High: 10 Body High: 3 Tips: Take when in a good mood or around a great atmosphere. If you take it while sketchy, you'll regret it. High lasts all day, even with naps.”

  • “Excellent strain for patients with ADHD. Very helpful with anxiety and really helps calm the mind”

  • “Permafrost was a great strain. It was very energizing and made EVERYTHING hilarious! It also shed a whole new light on a lot of experiences. This is a very social strain, so its best to smoke with your buddies. The smell is incredible, just like pine.”

  • “I tried this strain for the first time a few days ago. I have to say if you can get past the first smell you will be ok. This is 100% a creeper. I took two hits and was like ummmm ok where is the high? Then a few moments later BAM!!! it me like a tone of bricks! I had never been so high in my life! I found myself completely focused and my whole body felt as if it were vibrating. I have only tried a few others ; OG, P...”

  • “Perma Frost has become my all-time favorite strain. I have had some amazing spiritual epiphanies while under her gentle influence, and I even embarked on a 10 mile walk through the brisk night air. It was a great experience, I felt very exhilarated and alive. I find the mindset it puts me in to be very similar to the most positive aspects of a psychedelic trip! This strain also provides a buzzy body high that is extr...”

  • “My absolute favorite strain! Extremely uplifting, great for anxiety! I'm prone to paranoia and sensitive to THC in general, so I always tread carefully when it comes to sativa-dominant hybrids. However, Permafrost has consistently provided a wonderful clear-headed and euphoric high, without any paranoia whatsoever. The body high is subtle and I personally did not feel the pain relief was anything significant, but t...”

  • “I grew this strain from clone in a 100% perlite hempy bucket. The plant was a gem, never a lick of problems and grew to harvest in about 68 days (Flower). It was smallish when I started so I ended up with about 2oz dry. This was slow dried then jar cured to 58% relative humidity and sealed. My test smoke was three bong hits from the product when it reached 58%RH so early if no cure in jars at this time ex...”