Phantom Cookies Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “This is by far my favorite strain! I have never before smoked any weed that completely and totally killed all my pain. Ever. I know a lady who recently had her foot amputated and she had me bringing her this strain saying it was the only thing that helped the pain. The pain relief only lasts about an hour or so, but it kills all pain better than any opiate I've ever encountered. Now as for the high... If I smoke...”

  • “Took me 15 minutes to walk from my garage to my couch, and plug in my laptop. 10/10 would recommend.”

  • “HIGH CBD-12.27% results in pain relief -- I broke my foot and it's been very relaxing thanks”

  • “Awesome strain works well for my anxiety and depression.Gets me more social so i can function better.I suffer from anxiety depression and obsessive compulsive disorder.Different strains react different for everyone so i cant say everyone will have the same reaction to it as i did but for me it works well and i think it tastes great to.”

  • “first time smoking this strain, put about a .15 into a bong and smoked it in one rip! Died... Amazing strain!!! that makes me feel creative, especially when add/adhd gets in the way, as well as a very social feeling is present, i can actually focus on conversation as well as enjoy the feeling present without it being overloaded!!!”

  • “This strain is absolutely beautiful in every way. The high is strong and it last long. The smell is very sweet and earthy, giving it a good taste also. This strain also passes the look test with its very green buds filled with thc shining off the edges.”

  • “Simply awesome. I just had a subway sandwich before I medicated and... bam !!! Looks like I just got the munchies. Got my mind thinking.”

  • “Purchased a great batch from Emerald Palace in Gilbert Az, excellent smoke. Very potent. Leaves me relaxed with a buzz of creative energy. Definitely helped my back pains and GI issues. After the initial peak at about 10 minutes in, it maintains a powerful buzz for an hour, and the physical effects hang around for another hour after that. Will buy again if the batch is good.”