Pineapple Skunk Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This hit me hard within the first 15 minutes, I only needed a little. Which was surprising compared to most of the other strains I do. I usually take about 30-40 hits in order to become fully medicated. I tend to have the opposite effects, where a Sativa would give you Energy, it would put me to sleep. Indica's give me energy and I am able to function better than normal like a well oiled machine. It's great for pain...”

  • “First got this strain from Lake Effect Dispensary in Portage,MI. Saw the THC levels were some of the highest I've seen! The buds were nice and healthy with a strong effervescent aroma. Hit me in the head fast and steady with a little bit of body tingling. Taste is delicious with a spicy, tangy favor. I can feel a little bite on the aftet taste. Definitely another discovery that has moved into option rotation when sel...”

  • “Pineapple skunk is great if you're having a lot of pain a lot of ADHD there is also a lot of stress and PTSD.I suggest this if you are having a lot of symptoms and your conditions are worsening by the second. Pineapple skunk is very fruity smelling and has a very rows in the leaf like the taste. It's also very Skunky fills the room. You will be coughing on this one but it will be a good one to some to relax, and mell...”

  • “The taste of tea rose, and some pungent tones that give it a nice smooth medicated punch to its taste. Long pine like buds that are coned at the top, nice green leafs Its color is very nice. Its kick is a slow riser for pain its a creeper for the body. The head high hits you within a few hits, the body will come after. Its great for a night time or evening strain if you're in need of some chill sleep. I recommend tho...”

  • “Overall nice strain. Got at a pretty high Thc rate of 27, so I was expecting it to live up to the hype. I have smoked a'lot of Skunk variations, but not this one. Mine smelled like pineapple and cheese and tasted a little of the same. Worked great for pain, anxiety, stress, appetite and insomnia. Overall nice feeling and pretty long lasting relief. Would buy again.”

  • “This strain is great for insomnia. I didn't get any feeling of euphoria or giddiness that I expected based on the comments from the dispensary clerk I bought it from. After just a few hits, I fell asleep almost immediately... and I slept really deeply. I wouldn't recommend it for relieving anxiety/stress if you don't also want to go to bed right afterwards.”

  • “Smoking on some potent shatter from Pure this fine Sunday! This is some seriously tasty concentrate! It's a beautiful amber honey color and soft yet stable. The dab rig was milky with vapor and the hit went down very smooth. The taste was very clean and terpy. Very tasty and coats the mouth. Upon inhale I got that serge of warmth and tinglyness you get from a phat hit of some high potency concentrate. Almost makes yo...”

  • “very relaxing”