Pink Lemonade Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Awesome-ass, strain. Picked up an ounce at the new Commencement Bay Cannabis shop in Fife, WA off of I-5 on my way home from work. Rolled a blunt as soon as I got home (after taking my dog out) and damn...creeper but probably one of the most relaxing, energetic strains I've ever inhaled.”

  • “Very relaxing but not sleepy tastes wonderful haven't found it in a dispensary yet but friend grows it for medical and I really recommend allows you to function and do all your daily activities”

  • “Welcome to flavor country. If you like the terpine lemolin, it's effects and tastes, then this is your phenotype. You immediately taste lemon and get a very spikey citrus flavor after. The effect is uplifting and happy. Didn't last long though. 2 hours, but my tolerance is high. This is a great strain.”

  • “one of my favorite purple kush phenos. has a unique feel and taste. it's how we do this underground sh!t called life.”

  • “All I gotta say is ,......WOW! I picked up a batch of this at DesertRose Dispensary, Az and was amazed by the smell and tricones on it. Over all a very nice clean head high. There was a little bit of energy but what sealed the deal is it kills stress and anxiety....completely. This strain puts you in a very positive mood, with positive thoughts. This is definitely a new favorite that is staying on my list!”

  • “I got Pink Lemonade before leafly had it, all I have to say is its a GREAT hybrid and actually taste like Pink Lemonade! Definitely try it!”

  • “It works immediately and helps with deep depression. Lifts me out of my worst moods. It also gives a huge boost to energy and is great to hit before a cleaning binge. Superb for those with a history of anxiety or depression.”

  • “Super sweet smell and a mouthwatering taste gets you super baked and is really dense”