Pink Mango Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is amazing my all time favorite. I am not a stoner. I just smoke mostly for stimulation and to help with back pain. I must give a warning though, white widow and pink mango made me extremely horny. I was on a different level of arousal. Lucky for me I am married and my husband really enjoyed this!! Lol”

  • “espécie brasileira,cheiro forte de manga, o sabor não e tão forte como uma og kush, mas continua sendo saboroso, brisa intensa e forte, recomendo a todos”

  • “Made me feel very good. Took pain away and also made me horny. Taste good to.”

  • “Epilepsy patient here and I like this because I can stay really focused and relaxed and yet tap into my deep emotional self while writing or talking with someone on the phone. If I'm not working on a project I can just relax. Always have great restful sleep with vivid dreams also. Doesn't have an automatic effect like making you hungry or not hungry... sleepy or not sleepy. Just kind of depends on the day.”

  • “Tasting right now, awesome strain, some hits and the body high and mind relax keeps for hours... Famous here in Brazil, absolutely recommended!!!”

  • “Just getting started sampling all the wonderful strains, but Pink Mango is exceptional. Taste and effects are great and really enjoy it relaxing in the evening.”

  • “I usually cant smoke sativa dominant hybrids but i enjoy this one. Quite a cerebral buzz. Energetic, uplifting. Good daytime strain”

  • “A medium head high followed by a light body high. Great for talking to other people while high, while keeping relaxed. Doesn't taste so good, but smells great. Has a sweet-like aroma.”