Pink Pez Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Light fruity, citrus notes; smooth, deep hash background. Block out some personal time, the Express is going to roll through your mind. You'll love it, just like I did. Powerful appetite stimulant.”

  • “New favorite for short term pain and stress relief during the day when I need my head as clear as possible and to be able to focus on my work.”

  • “fruity, citrus, smooth.”

  • “Fantastic mental high, but not that much of a buzz. Really paid attention to the details of what was happening, and was able to watch whole episodes of NOVA on end, remembering large parts of it word by word. Sorry for terrible pic.”

  • “Tried this one today. Nice Indica feel and interesting taste. Nice perfect buds.”

  • “Love this strain, picked this up from Mother Earth dispensary, I asked for something with a lot of earth flavour to it and packs a nice punch for before bed, this was great taste was amazing, sticky as hell! When ever another budd was not to my liking or to dry I mix some pink pez in there just to give some consistency when rolling or fast when toking! Favourite mix was pink pez with pink #1”

  • “Very good citrus taste. Not harsh and gives a great head high without having to smoke a lot”

  • “Not as good as the pink kush but it is up there.”