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Professor Chaos

4.6| 27 Reviews

What is Professor Chaos?

Professor Chaos is what you get when you combine the malevolent forces of Mad Scientist and Jack the Ripper, two strains that balance energy with merciless painkilling properties. This 65/35 sativa-dominant hybrid originally from Homegrown Natural Wonders has a sour, spicy aroma that introduces its clear-headed effects perfect for patients needing a potent medicine without sacrificing productivity. Its buds form knobby, finger-like calyxes covered in a snow-like layer of crystal trichomes in a show of Professor Chaos’ supervillian strength.

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Professor Chaos Effects and Attributes

Lack of Appetite
Dry Eyes

Professor Chaos Genetics and Grow Info

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Professor Chaos Flavors

  • 1. Earthy
  • 2. Sweet
  • 3. Citrus

Review Highlights

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“Let's start with the smell. Oh, sweet smelly smell. A sweet earthy smell with a very small touch of pine. The flavor matches as well, a nice earthy tone, very woody and very light spice to it. The high is phenomenal, very clear headed and VERY energetic minus the pounding anxiety. Great if you need to get work DONE. But don't over do it, honestly, or you will know exactly what ADHD feels like, and I'm not remotely ...”

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“Loo loo loo I've got some apples, loo loo loo you've got some too! After trying so many strains I feel like I've found "the one". That strain that heals you, makes you happy, and has amazing pain killing properties. Form: Shatter Brand: Canamo concentrates Cross: Jack the Ripper x Mad Scientist This strain helps my scoliosis pain as well as pain from herniated & degenerating discs. It also puts you in an amazing m...”


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