Qrazy Train Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “absolutely frickin amazing! I am a mom with sever back pain and depression and this Qrazy Train is hitting the spot for me, ten fold. I haven't felt this great in a long time, and I smoke pot all day! I feel creative, energetic but relaxed, happy, planning, thinking and best of all pain free! I am a bowl in and wondering how this ride will end.”

  • “Very strong lemon note with slight skunk. Blast off is immediate! Medical: helps with stress, anxiety, depression, IBS. Effects: will hammer you down. Very spacy ( you will venture out into deep space :) is very strong and novice users should start slowly with dosage. As usual with any strain it takes about 45 minutes to an hour for full effect. however this one has several waves of sneak attacks which makes it fun. ...”

  • “Awesome aroma and not too bad going down with the bong, This one is a creeper, about 10 minutes after smoking it'll hit you solid. Moderate to heavy cerebral and mild to medium body high. All around an excellent smoke.”

  • “This is my second day and all is well. I just want to warn everyone, I thought this would be a great night time strain to help me sleep and it is the extra opposite for me! This has turned out to be a beautiful daytime strain for me, which I needed so badly!”

  • “When smoked in a joint this, along with some Metallica, really did make it seem like I was on a crazy train. I got my period unexpectedly at work, and this helped totally relax me when I got home.”

  • hi2

    “If you need your spirits lifted, do not hesitate to try Qrazy Train. It's like a warm hug from a loving universe. I felt pretty sure I'd like this strain after seeing it's genetics, but you never know. Potent! Doesn't take a whole lot to get you where you want to go. Took the edge off a headache that I had all day.”

  • “Nice, mellow ride through hybrid town.”

  • “The first thing that really made this bud stand out was the density. I bought a quarter, which; after some observation, looked more like an eighth. However I put a decent sized nug in my grinder and almost an unexpected amount of bud came out. The second thing you notice is the taste. Very very earthy, but it's a nice flavor. Being more of a straight sativa man myself, this hybrid was quite fulfilling and effective. ...”