Rainbow Reviews

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  • “Just got a batch. Lot of purple and red blotches and bright orange and milky yellow hairs. Delightdul taste, fruity almost candy like. High reminded me of blue dream,very balanced. FYI 90% of the pics on this page are altered to show the "rainbow colors". its painfully obvious lol. Very rare for a plant to show colors like that on the actual buds, usually the "purple" or other color in the name refers to the plants a...”

  • “This is the best strain I have found and it has to be the Rainbow with nothing added to the strain. I'm a high tolerance person where it's really hard to find strains that work, Rainbow was the first strain that I researched to find out that Rainbow was even better than the reviews. My only problem I have is that the availability since it so hard to find. For myself I have tried Rainbow Kush and it didn't work for me...”

  • “I bought some of this on July 25 at Cannabis City in Seattle. I waited in line for 2 and a half hours and was only able to buy 2g. I wish I could have bought more, because this strain is very potent medicine. I have a high tolerance, but this strain gets me totally stoned. It works well for anxiety as well as insomnia. I will likely not find this strain again, as I am from New Mexico. If you come across this buy as m...”

  • “Oh Epic Rainbow Kush You delight my senses Twinkling purple streaks Amid gold and crystalline embroidery Your taste - smooth as a river Flowing from my lips My lips which relax into a smile Smiling up at the sun The sun smiling down on me Me and my sweet little bowl of Epic Rainbow Kush”

  • “From what I see in the pictures (the few out there) this is THE BUD! In 1994 I lived in VA and drove cross country to Santa Barbara with my buddy to visit our bro. Chillin on the beach on UCSB campus around sunset my friend and I are puffin' and we see two other people. Of course we trade hits. We had OK stuff from VA (when we usually got shaky seedy stick...ugh! yuck!), but nothing special. This guy gives us a ...”

  • “This is exactly what you're looking for in a sativa if what you're looking for is enough energy to do the things you'd like to be doing and a head buzz that doesn't interfere with your cognitive abilities.”

  • “This is shit fucking crazy!!!!!!!!!”

  • “This review is about some RSO made from the Rainbow strain. I picked it up at Canna-Daddy dispensary on the recommendation of the staff member who helped me, when I asked for something for muscle spasms and sleep. He said he had encounter nothing better for the muscle pain and spasms. The RSO is tested at about 35% THC and 13.5% CBD. No wonder it's good for muscles spasms and nerve problems with that kind of CBD cont...”