Raskal OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is not really a night time strain. I kept trying to take this at bed time or in the middle of the night because I have trouble sleeping. It's more of a focused, body high.. Kept me awake with my mind spinning.. Not one of my favorites for sure.. meh..”

  • “Very similar to San Fernando valley Kush in smell and texture, it's soft like cotton candy. Just as strong as SFV kush no doubt. really good for creativity you can flow for hours”

  • “if you get a outdoor version of this it's about 17% THC, but if you get a well taken care of and well cured indoor version of this you'll have a VERY STRONG OG at about 25%THC great anytime flower. 10/10”

  • “Picked this up from CAM after a recommendation from my bud tender. Vaporized it has a grassy and musty taste. The smell is a piney lemon scent. This bud was absolutely caked in trichomes and was sticky to the touch. The buzz was relaxing with a nice body effect that would be exceptional for pain. It lasted around 2 hours and left me wanting more! Definitely check this strain out if pain management is what you seek.”

  • “Did not really like this strain. I believe that this is more for everyday use, what I mean by that is that from this strain, you dont feel high, all pain is relieved, but that sense of feeling high is not there, so if you are looking to be a "normal" high, pick up this strain, but if you want to feel like your floating on a cloud or looking for a GOOD time, do not get this strain”

  • “The awesome staff at Fweedom suggested I try their Raskal OG when I purchased some of their (VERY high CBD) Sour Tsunami and I'm so grateful they did. I am prone to paranoia and anxiety, so in order to receive the medicinal benefits of THC I need a lot of CBD to keep me 100% functional and Raskal OG is perfect when I want to just roll a joint and greedily smoke the whole thing:) If I want a bit more of a lift, a tin...”

  • “I'm not a big fan of Raskal OG. The strain is always the most expensive at my local shop and I tried some during a smoke session recently. The first few hits gives you a buzz. Not a full blown head high or head change, but just a slight body and head buzz. Other than the fast head buzz, I didn't feel euphoric, I didn't feel anything out of the ordinary from my usual feelings. One thing I was aware of was how Raska...”

  • “Great flavor, and smell. Overall a really good smoke.You really climb after a few tokes, then I get happy and feel like playing with the kids and cleaning. Stress relieve for sure.”