Rene Mist Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “CBD Rene is a strain that has a nice floral and skunky smell. I found it very smooth, uplifting, arousing and relaxing. Great medicinal strain that takes the edge off a stressful day. Not much euphoria and no paranoia.”

  • “Not the best, or the worst. I would recommend for the novice.”

  • “Just came in the mail today and I gave it a go after work. Rene Mist was a very friendly experience. I felt content and a little uplifted, with a very clear, mildly cerebral effect. I'd recommend this for the first-timer as it gives a warm feeling without a hint of paranoia. I'm partial to lower THC strains, as high THC strains typically give me headaches if I'm not careful. I'm glad I ordered it and will do so again...”

  • “nice and smooth. looks awesome and smells great. but nothing special”

  • “$8/g from Tilray My very first strain. Needed to have someone show me how to grind the weed and use the vapourizer. He said the stickiness of the buds was good, for whatever that's worth. The smoke from this strain has a light flavour, a mix of earthy and flowery that is not unpleasant. It's not too hard on my throat, though I do get a bit of a tickle from time to time. I have also tried infusing cream with the pre...”

  • “Rene Mist is the Tilray (a Canadian government licensed MM producer) re-brand of CBD Rene originally created by House of the Great Gardener here in BC. It's a cross between Rene and Cannatonic. The whole line of HoGG high CBD flowers are what I'd call 'true medical' strains and they're all excellent for different reasons or general conditions. They're also widely available at various good dispensaries around Vancouv...”