Romulan Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is a very high sativa. Looking at the nugs, they're bright green and very dense. The buds look like a typical sativa nug would look like. The smell is what catches your attention. The smell is a very nice sour lemon/citrus aroma with a pungent earthy dirt smell. It's almost a skunk-dirty smell that has a sour overtone with that lemon/citrus. The high is also why you'll want to look out for the strain. The...”

  • “Just tried this: it's pretty great, and is energizing enough that i could socialize well.”

  • “Great day time strain, put a smile on my face before afternoon class.”

  • “Good and relaxing, pretty potent, overall really nice”

  • “It smells good, has yummy vapor, and is very potent, lowering pain and bringing on visual effects at only 3 tokes. But it quickly launched me into a full blown anxiety attack. Too bad, there's a lot to like about it but that was a deal breaker.”

  • “I really love this strain! Really pungent zesty fruity smell. Dense buds with lots of crystals. The smell is even stronger once broken up. Tastes great, skunky with a hint of fruity citrus. Terrific stone. Very cerebral for me, found myself staring at nothing for awhile just thinking about 10 things at once.”