Royal Kush Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Magical...we smoked this kusshhyyyyy lady at full-moon rise over the Red Rocks...dreamy up creative kind peaced out pain relief....oh,creeper alert!...Beautiful mind tranquil body high. Kick back and watch the passing parade...peace...”

  • “Royal Kush aka Master Kush sister plant, Creeper plant feel it in the shoulders down to the feet with a tingle finishing off with chronic munchies, dead sleep after.”

  • “Just Picked up this strain last night, and wow the Royal Kush is a great strain. Its a creep high, one minute, I sat there with confusion about how high I was going to get off her. All of a sudden she hit me with her hybrid characteristics, as I felt full relaxation in my body with stress flowing away. Great high for the night time and great for sleeping!”

  • “You must try this strain. This is the supreme dank daannkk. Partook of this strain in the form of crumble in my dab pen. The high is a very rich feeling, happy, and heavy if that makes sense. The high truly feels "royal". The effects are very narcotic. Seconds after taking a hit you feel heavy euphoric sedation take hold of you. Royal kush just makes u feel so content and couch locked. I hope I convinced you to try t...”

  • “Very nice earthy strain! This strain is definitely more of an indica and gives you a great body high and is great for just chilling out. Won't just knock you out but if you are a little tired it will give you that extra push to being sleepy. We may never be royals but we will always be boat times.”

  • “I had to give this 5/5 because I was so impressed and surprised that it made my neck pain go away. I was in a car accident recently and have tried every OTC pain reliever and nothing has even diminished my neck pain until I tried this strain. Wonderful, light flavor that is graciously smooth on the throat. Not as heavy hitting as I'd anticipated but more of a slow onset high. I do find it worth noting that this s...”

  • “Heavy hitter.”

  • “The Royal Kush nugs are compact and darkish purple in color with white trichomes all over. Has an herby skunkish smell, and a light enjoyable smoke and flavor, with a fruity after taste. The high is buzzy and enjoyable guaranteed to leave you sideways. Almost feels like popping a Vicodin. Recommended.”