Scott's OG Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “• What a curious flavor! • I've been tasting/vaping/enjoying CPS' thc-26% Scott's OG for a few days now bc it's taken me *that* long to analyze the depths of flavor in this amber oil, which is chock-full of delicious, medicinal terpenes —> 🌲🍋🍊• • Interestingly|simultaneously sweet, sour, bitter & holy-SPICY! 🌶 • True delight for the senses! • 🌶 The bitter notes of citrus-RIND oddly combine + marry the citrus-so...”

  • “🍯🌲 Scott's O.G. is very different from any other O.G. It has an unusually sweet lemon aftertaste and smell to it. It has little of the normal O.G. aroma and instead smells quite sour mixed with an earthy flower. Nice, fluffy light green buds with a dense coating of trichomes. The high was euphoric and relaxing and put me in a very positive state of mind. I didn't feel cloudy or sleepy like I do with many potent O.G...”

  • “Appearance was OK, but not mind blowing. That was about the only negative thing I could say about Scott's OG. Vaped, the flavor was enjoyable and the smell brought it all together in a sensory experience letting you know that you're in for some serious effects. Made me happy and carefree for a couple hours, worked great on my anxiety!”

  • “I always have this girl in my medical gardens roster. This flower has such a potent OG punch and refreshing sweet lemon aftertaste that you would be hard pressed not to make it your go to smoke.”

  • “Killed my chronic pain right off the bat and gave me a fantastic night's sleep. Also known as Seraden in the medical world of cannabis, this weed can have THC levels as high as 30%. Not for the beginner, however, as these heavily crystal-coated buds pack a mean punch that starts in your head as a big rush and quickly moves across your body. Love love love this strain. Excellent for patients of chronic pain, insom...”

  • “Really I give this 4.5 stars but they won't let me so I went up. The strain I had tested over 27%, so I wouldn't recommend for a newbie. It's harsh, I find myself coughing a couple times when I'm smoking a joint. Great for sleep, but gives me crazy munchies(which I don't like, hence the 4.5stars instead of 5.) Helps pain. All around great strain, but even though it's a hybrid it's pretty indica heavy.”

  • “Pretty good kush. This will relax you and uplift you and that is not a bad thing. My 3rd experience with Rare Dankness and it's another great one. Nugs are big frosty and dense. Really nice pine tea aromas. Glad I tried.”

  • “strain was decent had a strong zesty smell and wen smoked was a strong spacey high didnt sedate the bear tho ....stay medicated my friends ;)”