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Shiskaquine Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This beautiful CBD srain, is a an amazing flower. It helps my mind relax. i don't feel tense i feel free when I exhale . Definitely my mug of coffee 🖒”

  • “Loved it! For those that don't know, CBD will not give you the same high like something heavy on thc would. It does give you a "head change" type of feeling, but only for about 5-15mins, and it's sort of like the "thc" effects, but after, you're just very relaxed, in body and in mind. Not a couch lock, but it works for aches, pains, positive thinking (I have major depressive disorder) and headaches. I've also have go...”

  • “I feel as if this strain was made for me. It's insanely good for anxiety, social anxiety & PTSD. It's a giggly happy high but not uncontrollable giddiness. Perfect for smoking before work where you need to be coherent and focused. Please consider this is a very high CBD and very low THC before you review badly. I think for pain you need more of a THC level than CBD. This wasn't strong enough for my hubby (stone...”

  • “Not being a fan of my mind and thought processes experiencing interference, or feeling like my head is going to float away into the sky, this Shishkaquine is something I have been waiting for! Blue Diesel, 9-Pound Hammer, Superman OG all did ok, but for me just not what I'm looking for. They all caused me to eventually lose interest in having a little herb occasionally, but this strain is something special and brou...”

  • “This is amazing. I loved MJ when I was in my late teens and twenties, but hormonal changes and thyroid issues changed the way I processed herb and I used to become so paranoid...I gave it up. I just took 2 mellow hits with a vape, and...bliss. All my aches are gone and I have a mellow feeling, but still able to function. I can work, communicate, whatever I need to do. Education is the key. The high CBD:THC ratio ...”

  • “Excellent CBD strain: Pain relief achieved! Reduced my nerve pain grief at least in half. Smokes very smooth for me, no coughing fits! No dry mouth! *Works for me, and very low THC, no high from it. Purchased .25/oz from Top Notch in L.V., MAT version, gave me vacuum sealed 8ths, so half is kept very fresh! Taste is unremarkable on draw, a little earthy on exhales but not offensive & nugs smell to me like weak...”

  • “this is a great strain, pain prior to smoking is at an 11 on a scale of one to ten, after smoking its maybe a 4. I am a Marine who is medically retired, i have ptsd and im bipolar. but with this strain all of that goes away, and i can still pass a drug test!! (<<<proven this). I would recommend to all who have joint pain or mental issues! overall 4.8 out of 5 stars, for me could have more of a head change”

  • “This stuff is bomb!”