Silver Pearl Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Silver Pearl is a beautiful flower, a sativa dominant hybrid with just enough of an indica kick to sit you down. My batch came in small to medium sized nugz that literally stuck to the LID of the jar. Bustling with a microscopic milky way of trich coverage and sprouting more red hairs at odd angles than a ginger on his 14th birthday, the Silver Pearl lives up to its name with its opaque appearance and rarity on mos...”

  • “Silver Pearl, I believe, is one of the top five strains I've ever smoked. Intense full-headed buzz coupled with an upper body massaging feeling. The initial smack in the head settles nicely into a creative or productive, and euphoric long-lasting high. So nice. The buds are silvery-white on the inside after you break them open and look gorgeous on the outside. Just finished my last of this strain and I will mi...”

  • “After not being able to score any bud since my dealer stopped, i picked up some of this Silver Pearl and i must say it is one of my top marijuana strains i have EVER smoked. Bud was extremely potent, one hit had me going with a pretty good buzz for 30 minutes or so, definitely would reccomend this strain to ANYBODY that can get their hands on this mighty-fine piece of Cannabis. Might be abit hard to get in Australia ...”

  • “Far and away one of my favorites, I've only had the opportunity to try this once, but I was extremely impressed. While I don't recall the physical details of the bud (other than "jesus, that's beautiful") it tasted very, very piney and grassy. The buzz is immediate and ascending, like a wonderful pressure in the head, and stays for hours. This is the ultimate strain for partying with, or for outdoor excursions. I...”

  • “For looks this is a very hairy strain with an standout sativa look. For the high this is not for beginners, it almost had a leather taste with earthy hints. The sativa look may fool you with silver pearl's quick hitting high. The buzz was mostly in my head rather than my body. I felt extremely hazy but at the same time wide awake with almost a boost of energy. This is a great smoke to end a long day with.”

  • “I picked some silverpearl up from a new dealer, adn would reccomend this strain to anybody that can get it!!! i took a hit from the bong and i must say i felt the effects almost immediatly!!”

  • “Number 1 strain in my book, never in my life have I seen a poor batch of silver pearl full body relaxation near kinda standards but with an incredible cerebral euforia and near psychedelic mental stimulation. Wonderful strain for high tolerances probably not for a first time patent or any unseasoned elderly”

  • “A very nice strain that is very easy to grow. Especially good for beginners. Can be easily grown outdoors without any problems. Very unfussy plant. Strong and good smoke suitable for beginner and experienced smokers.”