Snow Bud Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “To date the dankest most crystallized, skunk smelling, 70's bush looking, outlandish nuggets I've ever had the pleasure of consuming. Warning! You need an air tight container, I threw away the package this came in into my home trash, ran some errands, when I returned my entire house smelled like a dispensary! This stuff is no joke and not to be messed with as a novice... Enjoy -”

  • “I love this strain in RSO form (also called Akorn). It relieved a lot of pain, and helped with abdominal pain and inflammation caused by my crohn's disease. It seemed to take care of my inflammatory arthritis as well. It gives me a "fuzzy" feeling that makes the pain go away.”

  • “Snow bunny/SnoBud/Akorn whatever the buckz you call it FIRE top ten on my list for my issues with pts. comparible to GG for me love this shipz dont let the name fool ya winner.Been awile since I've seen this strain. Deep rich nutty chestnut vanilla flavor's almost immediate relief with anxiety and depression. Budz were tightly compacted color flew of Miami hurricane color's. KOBE STRAIN !”

  • “Pungent with a nice high”

  • “Not so tasty, kinda dry. Very Light Green, and the buds all look like little mountains. Good high-percenter....but the high just doesn't last. Kinda tiring really.”

  • “Nice relaxing high smoke before I go lay down for the night next thing it's morning”

  • “Works better than any other strain I have found for cramps and spasms. On the downside the aroma is off the charts. Vacuum tight container is required or the hut will smell like you have a pet skunk.”

  • “love it man haha great for inspiration (:”